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Yami Malik


11/21/05 02:22 am - wow

i sure have not updated updated in a long time.... he. been busy. lol

9/24/05 06:03 pm - Hi

well, i got a c.d i have been wanting so YAY! and well, i have new friends at school so that is good...and well,i am going to try to up date more...so ya sorry...:( i am glad that i won but, the other fanfics were good....DEATH! lol any way... and well, i have no contact with a friend right now but, that is never suprising..... but,i have good friends at my school.... we have cute little nicknames....and well, and math class was so funny! i had a great time..so funny you really have to be there.. and history is going to be fun..we are going to get to watch a video! yay for us! well, i guess that is the Big update bye bye'sy

9/21/05 07:42 pm - hi

well, i am updating so ya... and school is so great...and ya...

9/18/05 02:03 pm - hi

sorry for not updating but, yay i won the contest! i hope that there will be a new one soon.. :)

8/26/05 10:09 am - hi

well, here is an update. well, if i had one....pretty boring as usual...

8/24/05 07:04 pm - sorry

sorry for not updating just not much has been happening...

8/21/05 09:31 am - hi

well, i am bord and stuff....so here is another day of bordom.

8/20/05 10:53 am - HI

well, my story is done. and ya.. i hope that i do good in the contest... and ya... i guess.... that is my update. i really don't have much to say or even do..

8/19/05 07:23 pm - for rishid istar

the thingy
Well, malik was getting ready. and odion rushes in and says: "MALIK!!!" "what?!" malik yells as he is putting on his tux. "what are you doing tonight?" asked odion. "well, if you must know i have a date with Ann." "who is ann?" sayed Isis. "urg... my date" sayed malik with annoyed. "grrr" "hey i heard of an ann...i heard that she is a tomb robber." sayed Isis. "ya right... just because we are waiting for the pharoh does not mean i can't have a love life...shesh dad got married didn't he?" asked Malik "well, he um...got pre chosen a wife but his father. he sayed that it was because of his. anger and scaryness..." answerd Isis. "well, i know that she is not a tomb robber. gosh.." exclamed malik. "what the heak happened to odion?" asked Isis. " I AM OVER HERE!" shouted odion in the bathroom. "Freak...." sayed Isis and Malik together. "what was that?" sayed Odion. "NOTHING!" shouted Malik and Isis. a few minuites later Ann arived at the door. "wow is this your tomb?" asked Ann. "um ya...nothing special..." sayed Malik .. "see ya later...bye" And malik walked out the door. " i don't trust her lets spy on them." sayed Isis. "NO!" screamed odion. "why not?" asked Isis. "because malik needs love." answed odion. "well, i am weather you want me to or not." so isis walked out of the door. at the resturant. "where are we?" asked ann. "um.... well, we are at a boiling ally." "WHAT?" screamed ann. " i don't have very much money..." sayed malik " i have a good idea how about we go to your tomb." sayed ann. "but, my brother and well, probebly only my brother is there but, none the less my brother is there." sayed malik "oh well, we can look around you tomb." "wow, i have done that to many times and besides. i probebly shoud not..." sayed Malik. "PLEASE?" sayed ann with these chibotic eyes.
"fine..." sayed malik when they got there. "so i have a favor to ask you" sayed ann. "what" sayed malik as he was looking around the room. "stand still." sayed ann. malik thought that he was going to get his first kiss but, she tied him up in ropes.
"what the heak?!" screamed malik "well, i am a tomb robber and i need the tomb keeper to be gone."sayed ann Isis runs into the scean and helps malik. "ok ann this is your final tomb, prepare to be Mummified." sayed Isis. "aww man isis don't say that..." sayed malik disturbed. so they killed ann and as they were waliking home. Odion was being put on a streacher. "what the heak what happened odion?" Odion screams " the cookies were are my burnt cookies?" the hospitle guy sayed" well, he burn't his hands grabbing the cookies..."
"i am going to my room. good luck odion." sayed malik walking out. so isis joined him at the hospitle and told odion the whole story. "wow." sayed odion... " i hope that Annakildia goes well.."sayed odion "WHAT?!" screamed Isis
the end.
well, i hope that this works...

8/18/05 08:16 pm - urg.

i went to the doctor and that is never enjoyble. and i was bord out of my mind and that is my day update. and urg. i guess i am jelous. and sad. mad. glad. and ya those are my stinken fellings.
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